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5 Blade Multifunctional Electric Shaver

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Our 5-in-1 multifunctional electric shaver is easy to hold and operate. It glides with 5 unique 4D rotating blades over your head, face and neck.  It also has a separate mini pop-up trimmer within the shaver. 

It will half your shaving time, is waterproof (blades head only) and can be used dry or with water, gel or foam for an even closer shave. In fact, you won't find a tighter, shorter and smoother shaving experience. With its non-slip, detachable, easy to clean and maintain razor blades makes this shaver a must-have.

+ Modern black and gold-tone.
+ Durable and compact.
+ Sleek design.
+ Fast USB charging.

+ Waterproof shaving head.
+ 5 Blade electric shaver for a super short shave.
+ Multifunction shaver with pop-up sideburns trimmer.

> Material: ABS
> Power supply: USB charging
> Charging time: 5 hours
> Usage time: 45 minutes
> Voltage: 220 V
> Size: 6cm x 8.6cm / 2.36in x 3.39in

Note: regularly clean the shavers from hair by pulling them gently back to flip open the compartments. Then use the brush (included) to clean the inside of the compartments. We recommend doing this after every second shave.

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