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Multifunctional Fitness Belt / 2-3 Days Free Delivery

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Don't want to go to the gym or running with your hands full of your 'on-the-go' essentials? Phone, money, MP3, keys and so on?
Then this is the solution so many are already benefiting from, our Multifunctional Fitness Belt!

It's made from waterproof lightweight material has a big pocket that fits all 4inch - 6inch universal mobile phones. It has two smaller pockets perfect for keys, small change or headphones. Even a small bottle of water will fit on the separate straps provided. This brilliant belt will make your life so much easier whilst safely and comfortably fit around your waist! It's a fitness must-have! 

Going travelling? What easier way to carry your passport, mobile phone, wallet, keys and MP3 on board! Hidden under your top or jacket. 

Walking your dog?  Have nowhere to put the dog treats, poo bags, mobile phone and keys in? Why not just click your belt on and go! Easy, no fuss and your hands are free to play with your dog!

Planning a big night out but don't want to carry a bag or wearing your favourite tight jeans and feel uncomfortable?  It's a fashion no brainer!

+ Jogging, Cycling, Tennis...
+ Outdoor Sports 
+ Comfortable Fit / One Size Fits All
+ Strong, Elastic and Adjustable
+ Multifunctional with Pockets and Waterproof
+ Perfect for Running, Gym and Outdoor Sports
+ Super-elastic Polyester with Lycra
+ Perfect for Dog walking and for Travelling
+ Fits any phones between 4 to 6 inches
+ Going on a night out? Securely carry your wallet, mobile phone and keys under your shirt! 

Material: Polyester with Lycra.
Estimated Delivery Time: 2-3 days free UK delivery.